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How do I reserve a session?

In order to book, a deposit of 1/2 your session price is required. This reserves your time slot and date. The remaining balance will be due the day before your session, unless otherwise specified (ie: branding, weddings, DAY shoots).

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Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes, I do!
Travel + lodging is expected to be paid by clients in addition to my normal wedding rates, along with a National Travel Fee of $150 and an International Travel Fee of $300.

Will there be a second shooter?

Some packages include a Second Shooter, but this service can also be added to any Wedding Package.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

If your session is running long, there is a $50 fee charged for every 20 minutes added to our shoot time. Occasionally, this add on will not be available depending on my bookings and schedule for that day.

Are deposits or sessions refundable?

Deposits and sessions are nonrefundable. Once a session has been booked, it is up to the client to ensure the service is utilized before the ending of that year.
For example, if a session is booked in 2020, that service will expire in January of 2021 if it is not used.

If inclement weather arises near or on the day of your shoot, it is ultimately up to you if the session is rescheduled. If a client decides to go ahead with a shoot after Souly Samantha Photo recommends rescheduling, the session will not be able to be rescheduled during service. The session will have to continue or end early due to weather.

If a session is rescheduled by the decision of the client, it is the client's responsibilty to ensure they utilize the service and schedule their booking before the year ends.

If the session must be rescheduled by Souly Samantha Photo for any reason, Souly Samantha Photo is responsible for rescheduling and ensuring client's session is utilized in a timely manner.

Do I have to order prints through you?

You do not have to order prints through me, but are welcome to!

What happens if I am late or don't show up for my session?

Things happen, and sometimes a session runs late! Once a client is 15 minutes late to a service, a $25 late fee is charged. If a session runs long, a fee of $50 will be charged in 20 minute intervals.

If a client does not show for a session OR cancels without giving a minimum of 3 hour notice, the client is responsinble for their remaining balance, along with a $150 no show fee.

What is the studio fee?

If you'd like to have your session in a studio, I can help you pick the perfect one!

Clients are responsible for the cost of whichever studio is selected by the client/photographer. This price varies by location.

- Studio time slots include set up and clean up, so it is important to ensure you book your studio session with that in mind.
- Make sure you have enough time for getting ready/changed, duration of your session, plus clean up.

What is the travel fee?

For sessions outside of 5 miles from Wheat Ridge, CO a mileage fee is added to your session price.

$00.56 per mile outside 5 miles from Wheat Ridge, CO.

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