"mindfulness is a relationship in which we must dedicate devotion, focus, and love daily."

samantha neill

Every day is a new opportunity to carve out some much needed time for yourself. The stress of work and day to day responsibilities can weigh us down if we don't practice mindfulness and give ourselves a chance to slow down and decompress. We will go over a few practices that soothe my nervous system and give my mind and body a little reset. I recommend adding one (or both) of these to your evening or weekend routine! 

Physical Grounding Exercise:

  • Stand planted on the ground with soft knees 
  • Take a deep breath and then reach towards the sky
  • Reach up high with a breath in, then release your breath and relax your shoulders and collar bone
  • Stretch your arms out to your sides, as far as they can reach
  • Breath in deep and feel your ribcage open, then release your breath and slowly drop your arms
  • Wrap yourself in a hug and take 3 slow, deep breaths
  • Release your arms and slowly roll your shoulders 3 times 

Journal Grounding Exercise:

  • Write down 5 things you see around you 
  • Write down 4 things you feel 
  • Write down 3 things you can hear 
  • Write down 2 things you can smell 
  • Write down 1 thing you can taste 
  • Write down 3 things you feel grateful for in this moment
  • Write down 2 things your friends would say to describe you 
  • Write down 1 thing you love most about yourself 

Practicing mindfulness and carving out moments of stillness for yourself is essential. This will become easier & easier the more you practice tuning into yourself and listening to what you feel, need, & desire.

until next time,