a holiday recipe your

loved ones really want.

The best thing about Cannabis being legal here in Colorado, is getting the opportunity to find new ways to consume my favorite Canna treats! This Holiday Season was no exception and I can't wait to share this delicious, festive, and classy AF recipe with you.

If you're anything like me, you enjoy sweet, tart, and a bit of savory flavors to tie it all together when creating the perfect "fancy" snack. This recipe calls for a buttery cracker base, savory cream cheese (or goat cheese), topped with a perfectly sweet and jam like edible. Throw on fresh sprigs of Rosemary and Sage and you get a seriously indulgent treat that is perfect for this festive time of year!

Now tag along with me as I show you some beautiful imagery from this photoshoot, as well as a more detailed recipe at the end!

Setting Up The Shot

One of my favorite parts of a Brand Shoot or Session is setting the stage and the mood for my clients. For this Holiday Brand Shoot, I wanted a warm and inviting feel. I wanted a worn/vintage mood, with that friendly and casual vibe you get when spending time with loved ones. I chose to use wooden and natural elements, fresh & organic textures, and light/natural lighting to achieve the desired atmosphere.

By throwing on a festive flannel and denim apron, our model has that look that makes you feel you're in the kitchen with him, chatting as you wait for dinner to be ready. The smell of food lingering in the air, while you make Holiday snacks for everyone to enjoy. This is what I wanted the audience to feel and to see when looking at these images. The story I am telling here is one of joy, love, and most importantly, good food to fill up on.

Sneaky Sampler

I don't know about you, but I have always been a sneaky sampler, especially during the Holidays. Always sampling the goods before they are ready and while nobody is watching!

These Holidaze Canna Crackers are the perfect snack to tide you over so you aren't continuously sneaking your way into the kitchen. Not only do these taste great and won't fill you up too much, they are dosed perfectly for social gatherings and won't make you slip into a coma before the food comes.

Each delicious edible contains just 5 MG of THC and 5 MG of CBD. This will give a balanced buzz and depending on your tolerance, this will allow you to have more than one! Two was the perfect number for me.

Holidaze Canna Crackers


  • Coda Signature Strawberry & Rhubarb Fruit Notes Edibles
  • Your favorite buttery crackers
  • Cream cheese
  • Fresh sage
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Cracked black pepper


  • Open package of crackers and lay out crackers on a serving tray or wooden cutting board
  • Take softened (room temp) cream cheese and spread on crackers with butter knife
  • Add a sprig of fresh Rosemary and a spring of fresh Sage on top of cream cheese
  • Take edible and smash it underneath a spoon or your thumb
  • Place smashed edible on top of cracker
  • Sprinkle black pepper or use a grinder to crack black pepper as a finishing touch


If using the edibles listed in this recipe, these will be low dosed snacks at 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD per cracker. Feel free to change up this dosing if you have a higher or lower tolerance to edibles. Be sure to consume responsibly and keep medicated snacks away from children & pets. Always label medicated snacks and inform loved ones so that they can do what is best for them!


I hope you and those you love enjoy this classic and

flavorful canna snack during this festive season.


I hope you and those you love enjoy this classic and

flavorful canna snack during this festive season.